Quick Website SEO Tune-Up

The surprising thing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that the process actually makes your website more readable and clear to its users, as well as attractive to search engines. That’s because humans and search engine spiders both want the same thing: clear, unambiguous, tightly focused, readable text on each page. Search engines like a few other things, too, like accurate title tags and concise description tags. But enough with the jargon, follow the guide below and learn how to improve your website’s user quality and search engine ranking, both at once — and without pulling out your hair.


Search engines deal with pages, not websites. A website is a collection of pages, true enough. But to a search engine, the world is a bunch of pages, some of which are closely linked together. This distinction is important to you because it makes you realize that each page of your website should be crafted as if it were a stand-alone website. Design a razor-sharp focus into each page; make each page cover only one topic, if possible.

Make your text concise, clear and accurate. Comb through your text and weed out superfluous words and phrases. Use keywords and key phrases that accurately describe that page’s intent and are also words and phrases that people would type into a search engine. This takes some serious thought, but is a logical process. Phrases are as important as isolated key words.

Many or most of your users will find your website via pages other than your home page. Make them all count by using clear, focused and accurate text on each page.

Title tags are very important — make sure they’re accurate. Title tags are the words you see at the top of your browser window when viewing a page. Also, these tags are the bolded words you see on search engine results pages (SERPS). Search engines value these tags highly. Each page of your website needs its own unique title tag. Your home page might be title tagged, “Joe Brown Landscaping, Denver, Colorado – site maintenance, lawn care, cutting, tree planting” for example. The about us page might be tagged, “Joe Brown Landscaping, Denver, Colorado – about us”, and so on.

These tags are input “behind the scenes” in the html editing area of your website. If you’re using an editor like Dreamweaver then you can easily modify or add these tags directly. If you are using a browser-based service to build and maintain your site, there should be a simple way to change/add these tags.

Make informative description tags. The description tags are the two to three sentence blurbs that sit just below the bolded words in search engine results pages. Sometimes a search engine simply pulls some (hopefully) appropriate text from the web page in question. Other times, though, it uses your own custom-made description tag. Take full advantage of this by making each of your pages’ description tags a beautifully crafted three sentence masterpiece of compelling, accurate, focused text. You can access this tag just like the title tag above.

Fill in your keywords tag, maybe. Back in the day, the keyword tag was important, and abused. Search engines depended on them and webmasters obliged by stuffing them full of misleading, hyped information. Soon the search engines began ignoring this mistreated tag. This is mostly still true today. You could skip using this tag if you’re pressed for time. If your site uses on-page advertising though, such as Google Adsense, then you should fill in your keyword tags. These tags are used for evaluating a page’s content for suitability for specific on-page ads. You can access this tag just as you can access the title tag above.

Most of these tweaks, edits and additions are straightforward. If you need professional help with your SEO project, be careful with Richmond SEO companies that you hire. Some outfits are overly-aggressive and can possibly cause your website to be penalized by the search engines. One I can recommend is High Rankings though I’m sure there are many others. Another good search engine resource is run by Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land.

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Complete Your Kiddie Party With Carnival Games 

Food and games are essential factors in making any party a great party, and one way to level up your party food and a game edge is by having party concessions and carnival games for your next shindig. This is a sure-fire way to set your party apart from every other party you’ve attended. It’s simple, fun, and truly unique. From a broad selection of food stands and game booths, there’s no shortage of what you can add to your party to make it a memorable event.


Cotton candy, popcorn, and hotdogs are only a few things that kids and adults go crazy for, and having them in your party will only make things better. Like being a kid in a candy store, there’s nothing more satisfying for a child to go up to the cotton candy stand and to pick up a cone of sugary cloudy goodness, it’s a heavenly feeling.

Watching a magic show also wouldn’t be the same without having a bag of freshly popped buttery popcorn in your hands. It just goes well together like peanut butter and jam. Add the fact that you can have them in different flavors, having a popcorn machine in your event will be a sure bet that people are going to have a lot of fun.

Hotdogs, on the other hand, is just a classic staple for parties. Having them either on a delicious, moist bun or simply on a stick, there’s no other party staple food that you should have other than a good old classic hotdog.

Fortunately, numerous party supply companies offer this food concession stands for your next big party. They’re a fun way to serve food, and the kids and their parents will surely enjoy lining up to get their party food. Not just being limited to cotton candy, popcorn, and hotdogs, there are dozens of other food concessions stands out there that you can have for your event, one that will surely make you want to have them for your party.

You couldn’t call any party a party also without some fun and exciting games. There are a lot of classic party games that you absolutely can not have, but one sure bet to make things a little more interesting are iconic carnival games. Having these at your party will inevitably create some fun and friendly rivalries and competition amongst your guests.

Dunk booths, ring toss, and the balloon pops to name a few are classic carnival games that will elevate your party game level. It’s fun not just for the kids but the adults as well. Party supply companies have an array of games that will surely make you miss the good ‘old days of going to the carnival, and what better way to enjoy these by having them at your next big party. There is no doubt that there will be a game out there that you would want to have for your event.

Food and games will be a forever party favorite, and having your carnival at the comfort of your home or event place will be a way to make the day extra special. Make sure to inquire these home rentals near us.





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